How To Play Piano By Ear

For Students of All Ages

The first step in learning how to play piano by ear is to learn simple melody lines over a basic chord progression consisting of just two chords. This will prepare your ear to listen for just one chord change at a time.

  • The song in Lesson #1 consists of the C chord and the G chord. Since there are only two chords, you only have to listen for the C chord changing to the G chord, or the G chord changing back to the C chord.

As your ear begins to grow, we'll add a third chord, and then a fourth chord, and so on. Your first lesson is directly below.

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Lesson #1

The first song in my free 18-month course is titled, "Mountain Road", and is 8 measures in length. The right hand melody starts on middle C and fits into a 5-note range consisting of the notes C, D, E, F and G.

Your Assignment

1.) Figure out the notes of the melody and write them down.
2.) Use your piano to help you figure out the notes.
3.) Download the sheet music when you're finished to check your results.
4.) Listen to the recording until you can play the rhythms exactly as you hear them.
5.) Listen to the recording as many times as necessary.

Click the Play Now button directly below to listen to the recording of "Mountain Road".