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There are playing tricks and shortcuts that are rarely taught in traditional piano lessons.

  • Things like playing songs by ear, or the ability to just sit down at the piano and start playing without any sheet music.

I'm not talking about songs you've already learned and know for memory. 

What I'm referring to, is the ability to create something from nothing - like taking your favorite song and creating your own unique piano arrangement.

I had 13 years of traditional piano lessons as a kid, and never in all that time, did I ever learn how to do the things I just mentioned - so I quit.

A few months after I quit, I met a self-taught musician who taught me all the things that I never learned in my regular piano lessons - which is what you'll learn in my ebook, titled, "Piano Secrets Unlocked".

A Better Way!

There's a much better way of learning how to play the piano, it just took me 13 years to discover it, and another 20 years to develop a system to teach it to others.

  • I wrote "Piano Secrets Unlocked" to help other students avoid all the frustrations and pitfalls that are associated with traditional piano lessons. 

In fact, some of my best students over the years have failed at traditional lessons. I've taught my piano learning system to kids as young as 7, and to adults of all ages and skill levels.

In my E-book, I also talk about an amazing piece of music software that does everything a piano teacher can do, and more -- and I will tell you how to get it absolutely free!

  • I will also teach you how to use this amazing software in my free 18-video online course.

If you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano, then this is your chance.

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  • My E-book is free - the music software is free - and my 18-video online course is free!

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