Lesson #5

"Carriage Ride" - Left Hand Chords

Illustration #1

The chords in this song are the same as the chords in "Ode To Joy", however, you can never get enough practice with chords. Review Illustration's 1 and 2 before watching Video #5.

Illustration #2

If you're new to YouTube, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the two icons I have marked with arrows below. The "Enlarge Screen" icon should be used all the time, and the "Playback Speed" icon should be used if you need to slow down the tempo of video.

Video Lesson #5

"Carriage Ride" - L.H. Chords

In this video, you will get more practice switching from the 2-note C chord to the 2-note G chord. Once again, take your time reviewing these two chords.

Move on to Lesson #6 when you feel that you've mastered these two chords. (Watch Video).