Lesson #7

3-Note Chords

Everything in music revolves around chords, which is why it's always good to start learning chords from the very beginning of your music education. Chords are built from scales, which is why it's also a really good idea to learn scales.

In this lesson I will teach you the C major scale and then show you the 6 most common chords in the key of C major. With these 6 chords, you will be able to play thousands of songs.

The C major scale displayed below consists of 8 notes. The C major scale is considered the easiest scale to learn because it's made up of all white keys on the piano.

The C major scale

The 6 chords shown below are built from the first 6 notes of the C major scale. These are the easiest chords to play on the piano. In fact, you've already learned part of the C major chord and the G major chord in the first two songs from this course, Ode To Joy and Carriage Ride.

Illustration #1

The C and G major chords

As you can see from Illustration #1 above, the C major and G major chords are both 3-note chords.

The next two video lessons will prepare you for later lessons by showing you how to practice each chord starting with just two notes, and then adding the third note, (see example directly below). The notes in the green circle represent all 3 notes of the chord being played together at the same time.

After you've played measure's 1 and 2, your fingers will be in the proper position to play all 3 notes at the same time, in measure's 3 and 4. (Watch Video's 7.1 and 7.2)

Video 7.1

C Major Triad Chord Exercise

Video 7.2

G Major Triad Chord Exercise

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