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I’m going to make a very long story short. I’ll fill in all of the details later.

  • When I was a kid, I took piano lessons for 13 years — as soon as I turned 18, I quit.

I quit because I really didn’t understand music. I could play okay, but I knew that I was missing something.

A few months after I stopped taking lessons, I met a musician who could play the piano like a pro — and he never had a single piano lesson in his life.

The thing is, he understood more about music than I did.

What was his secret?

I couldn’t understand how he did it.

How could someone who never had a piano lesson in his entire life play better than someone who had 13 years of lessons?

And it was obvious that he knew more about music than I did, because he could learn a song just by listening to a recording.

Once again, to make a long story short, I learned more from this self-taught musician in six months, than I did in 13 years of formal piano lessons.

  • However, before I tell you his secret, let me just say, “I knew a lot about music when I met this guy, but I didn’t know what he knew”.

This guy couldn’t even read sheet music, and I could — and yet, he had something that I didn’t.

In fact, at the time, if he and I had taken a college entrance exam for music, I would have passed, and he would have definitely failed. I had all of the formal training - and he had none.

I played complex pieces by Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart. 
He played songs by the Beatles and other rock bands.

And therein lies the secret.

When I was learning a piece by Mozart, I never really knew where to start because the music was so complex. I needed my teacher to show me how to learn it.

When my self-taught friend sat down to learn a Beatle’s song, he’d listen to the recording and know exactly where to start…he’d start with the chords.

  • I didn’t even know what a chord was when I was taking piano lessons.

As it turns out, chords are the foundation of every song ever written!

I would say that's an extremely important piece of information if you truly want to understand how music works.

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