Somewhere Only We Know

Easy Piano Cover

Somewhere Only We Know" was written by the band Keane, and was officially released in 2004 as the first single from their debut album, Hopes and Fears.

My goal is to always create a super easy piano arrangement that sounds good and is fun to play.

I learned "Somehwere Only We Know" by Keane from a lead sheet, which is sheet music that just shows the right-hand melody and chord symbols. (see sample below)

I improvised the left hand part by using blocked chords, and I played a simple, single-note melody line with my right hand.

Before I knew any chords, it would take me weeks to learn a new song. After I started learning chords, I could learn a new song in less than an hour. I was able to do this because I no longer had to read the music notes on the bass clef.

  • Knowing chords allows me to create my own piano arrangements. Now all I read is the right hand melody on the treble clef.

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